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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment always starts with a FULL HEALTH CONSULTATION...

During the first consultation, I will take a full account of your health both past and current so that I can make an accurate diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective...
... I will then explain the diagnosis to you and together we will make a treatment plan that suits you ...
... my aim is always to find the approach which gets the best, longest lasting results in the shortest space of time at the lowest cost to you ...
... my highest priority is your health so any advice I give you will put your interests first, even if that means I have to tell you that I cannot help you and your best bet is to find solutions elsewhere.

The Treatments I Offer are

Acupuncture close up

ACUPUNCTURE involves the insertion of very fine needles into certain points on the body. This helps to re-establish proper circulation which has a profound effect on rebalancing the whole health of the body.

Sometimes a herb called MOXA is burned on top of the needle to warm and stimulate the point to create a therapeutic quality of flow. 


Pressure point massage 1

CHINESE 'TUI NA' MASSAGE is massage designed to have a medical effect used to treat illness. It includes many techniques, one of which is ACUPRESSURE where the same points used in acupuncture are pressed to achieve a similar effect. 

I always combine 'TUI NA' MASSAGE with my ACUPUNCTURE appointments and vice versa.




In CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE a formula of multiple herbs is prescribed according to the diagnosis made from the consultation. The formula is precisely tailored to your specific imbalance and constitution and adjusted weekly or bi-weekly. 

There are 2 kinds of herbal formulas given. One is comprised of raw dried herbs that need to be boiled up. The other is herbal granules that just need water to be added (a little like coffee granules). 

I charge one weekly fee which includes all consultations necessary and the herbs themselves.



The principles of Chinese Medicine, can be applied in many different ways. Hence, I also use many less famous techniques when I feel they are necessary. These include:

  • Cupping

  • Guasha

  • Herbal Oils, Creams and Liniments

  • Heat therapy with infra-red heat pads and lamps

  • Electro-therapy including electro-acupuncture and tens machines

  • Herbal stickers and patches

  • Herbs to put in the belly button to boost Qi

...What can you expect from treatment?...

There are 3 stages to treatment

Stage 1

Concrete, Measurable Impact on Symptoms

The first goal is to make a positive impact on your symptoms. Ideally, this is something that we would be able to quantify e.g. your headache reduces from twice a day to once a day or you only wake up once a night rather than twice a night. 

Stage 2

Reducing Symptoms Down to Zero

Once we have achieved an impact on symptoms it means that the diagnosis and approach is correct. Now the challenge is to try to eradicate the symptoms altogether. There can sometimes be multiple reasons why a problem occurs so to reach complete success they must all be addressed.

Stage 3

Prevent Symptoms From Coming Back

In Chinese medicine we treat both the symptoms and the causes all the way through treatment. However, there can be a phase where the symptoms have gone but the causes are still there so there can be a role for treatment. 

This is also a phase where CHINESE MEDICINE SELF-HELP plays a  big role. Find out more in the Self Help section above.

How Long Will It Take?

My goal is always to try and get the best longest-lasting results in the shortest space of time at lowest cost to you. I aim to get to stage 1 as fast as possible. In a large number of cases this can be as quick as the first acupuncture/massage treatment or the first week of Chinese herbs. In more complex cases, it can take me a few sessions before I hone the diagnosis to be targeted enough to get the first results. This is actually a great strength of Chinese medicine where I take the past treatments and your reaction as a further aid to refining the diagnosis for future treatment. 

I am not the kind of practitioner who will keep you hanging on forever in the vain hope of future results. I have a very good track record with the patients I treat, however, no practitioner is 100% and I will always be up front and honest with you about where you are in treatment and how much I think I can help you. 

Once stage 1 is reached it is a good prognosis for getting further good results. Getting to stage 2 can happen very quickly or can take weeks or months depending on the severity of the condition. However, I aim to make consistent progress that you can feel and notice so that you can see the value of the treatment. 

To find out more about what you might be able to achieve with your particular condition, I can tell you a lot more after the first consultation. You can make a booking below. 

...What happens next?...

Acupuncture & Massage 1st Consultation
1 hr 30 min
Chinese Herbal Medicine 1st Consultation
1 hr 30 min
Acupuncture & Massage Follow Up
1 hr
Chinese Herbal Medicine Follow Up
1 hr

In addition to treatment I teach a range of classes to empower you with Chinese Medicine self-help techniques

How much does it cost?

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