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What Conditions do I treat?

In my experience, Chinese medicine treatment, skillfully practiced, can at the very least alleviate the symptoms of almost any condition. In many cases it can reduce symptoms down to zero and in a large number of cases it can help to get to the root cause too.

In any situation, Chinese Medicine can bring to light ways that the body is not functioning correctly and then correct these through treatment and/or lifestyle changes. Very often when these underlying imbalances are resolved, their related symptoms go away.


For example, a patient may have digestive symptoms like loose stools, bloating or gas. These often are related to cold in the stomach. If I then treat by using techniques to warm the stomach, both symptoms and underlying cause of the problem improve. 

However, I do believe there are limits to treatment in Chinese Medicine and I believe strongly in being upfront and telling you when I think you need treatment from convential doctors or other kinds of therapists. I believe that Western and Chinese medicine should work together, not against each other.

If you are unsure if you can benefit from treatment with me, you can contact me at or you can book an initial consultation and I will know much more after conducting a full Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Below are some examples of conditions I treat regularly if you would like more information. However, my practice is not limited to these and I can treat a much wider range of illness and symptoms.

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