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"I have advanced osteo-arthritis of the right hip and experience flare ups from time to time.  My most recent flare up was so severe that I made up my mind to go ahead with a replacement.  Luckily, my son-in-law simply made an appointment for me.  Following my treatment, I felt the need to rest a great deal and the pain I experienced was greatly reduced eventually disappearing completely for a time.  More importantly, I feel that there is hope for me now - with the cumulative effects of acupuncture and chinese medicine I can delay surgery for as long as possible, or even avoid it altogether.  During my session- everything was explained to me in detail and although I had been dreading the session, not least because of the amount of pain I had, it proved to be comfortable and highly effective.  I am very grateful to Alex Jacobs."


"I am far too old and worldly to believe in miracles, and certainly did not expect that much would change from having a course of acupuncture. For the past 60 years I have been unable to cool down once hot. I couldn't perspire and thus stayed red-faced (not a pretty sight) for many hours. Headaches followed within ten minutes of being in the hot sun or in a hot room. Within three treatments I have begun to perspire, and thus keep from over-heating, and can now avoid these headaches. Alex's skill has changed my life. It sounds trite, but I am now 'a believer'! and very grateful indeed."



"I'm very impressed with effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I've been treated  for extreme tiredness and anger management and felt the difference form very first session!
Alex is professional and I would highly recommended him as practitioner.
Overall, very pleasant experience."


"For three weeks I had been in great pain, suffering from bursitis of the hip; I couldn't sleep, or walk, as a consequence. One session of combined acupressure and acupuncture with Alex massively alleviated my symptoms and two further sessions with him, practically cured my condition. As a skilled, dedicated practitioner, Alex is passionate about wanting to successfully help his patients. Highly recommended."


"Alex has been brilliant - I arrived at the practice in pain and unable to move my arm fully. Eight sessions later I had full mobility and its still good six months later. He is a very gentle but powerful practitioner."


"Alex helped me get through a really difficult time in my healing process. His professional but very personable manner made me feel completely at ease and calmed me despite the fact that I was feeling a huge amount of stress and anxiety in my life when we started therapy. Alex is a dedicated practitioner who clearly wants to help people get better and, more importantly, learn how to stay better through small changes in their lives.  I have moved out of London, but I often use the techniques he taught me to regain connection with my body and balance within it. I can't recommend him enough."


"After almost a year with what I would call "Frozen Shoulder",during which time there seem to be little if any improvement despite two lots of cortizone injections I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 sessions of massage and acupuncture spaced one week apart there was such an improvement in the mobility of my arm and shoulder and a very significant reduction the the pain to the point that I felt that no more treatment was required. On top of this I felt that the fees charged were more than reasonable. Many thanks."


"After suffering Bells Palsy I was left with terrible nerve pain on the right side of shoulder, neck and parts on my face. In one session Alex managed to relieve my pain. The aches and pain disappeared and I have been doing fine ever since. Thanks Alex!"


"I started seeing Alex early this year and since then my overall health has massively improved. I suffered from many different symptoms and discomfort with digestion, irregular period, reoccurring UTI, general tiredness and luck of energy. After herbal treatment under Alex's supervision, the pain and general discomfort I experienced was slowly disappearing. My general is health has massively improved and I finally feel very healthy and active. Moreover, my period is now regular and the overall functioning of my body is the best I experienced in the last 10 years at least."


"I visited the clinic when I faced a severe pain on my neck, shoulder and a massive pain on my ciatic nerve. After consultation with Alex about Chinese art of curing and Acupuncture and massage, all my pains disappeared within a day. They never came back.
Thanks to you!
I totally recommend it to all my friends


"I came to see Alex at a time of great distress and pain.  I had a trapped nerve in my neck and shoulder which was causing great pain and immobility.  Through several sessions of acupuncture and massage, he has helped in an immense way.  I was aware from the first session from his attentiveness to the problem, his questioning and wide knowledge that   I had found a fine practitioner and the symptoms were already diminished after the initial session. I'd wholeheartedly  recommend Alex Jacobs for treating such conditions. "


"Alex initially spent time assessing my injury and developed a treatment plan. During the course of treatment he explained in detail exactly what he was going to do and why. He used various techniques to alleviate the pain I was experiencing with considerable success. My neck pain has subsided and my shoulder pain has reduced. Throughout the treatment, Alex has been very professional and personable."


"I really enjoyed the appointment. Alex does not only calm the pain in my back and shoulder but also be able to explain and find some reasons for it. I would definitely recommend him and I am looking for my next visit."

Jean Phillipe

"Alex made me up a herbal formula and it started working right away. After the first week, I saw improvement in all my symptoms. 4 weeks later and my symptoms have gone. Highly recommended, skilled and friendly."


"I visited Alex for neck and shoulder pain. He did acupuncture & acupressure around my neck and body. After the session I felt so much better. He is so friendly and very helpful to explain the Chinese treatments work. I highly recommend Alex."


"This was the first time I had tried acupuncture and wow - it worked for me. Alex was professional, courteous and he listened. I was also prescribed herbs for two weeks which I brewed at home. What a difference - my energy levels have returned and my general well being restored. Thank you Alex - perfect treatment!"


"I was living with constant knotting lower abdominal pains (left side) which expanded down to my left thigh. (Up to 7 times a day) . Strangely enough these subsided every time I had my period. After different scans, all clear, my GP said was IBS. I tried fodmap diet, painkillers and also ERT but the pain was always back...since I met Alex! He prepared some herbal remedies and at the beginning of the 3rd week the pain improved dramatically, (only had 2 episodes before and after passing stools).I have now to finish few bags of his ‘magic potions’ I’ve got left but I can say to be pain free! Also I’m not bloated as I used to be. Thank you Alex!"


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