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Alex Jacobs

BSc Acupuncture (2010)
MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine (2012)
Diploma 'Tui Na' Massage (2012)
Qualified Infinite Tai Chi
& Qi Gong Teacher

CEO of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
MA Economics

"I became interested in Chinese Medicine while studying Chinese language in Taiwan"

On the way to Alishan.jpg

I first came into contact with the authentic practice of Chinese Medicine in my 20s while studying Chinese language in Taiwan. I already had an interest in traditional Chinese culture and philosophy but it was only until I had direct personal experience of the reality of its power to heal that I developed a desire to study it myself.

"I learned Chinese Medicine as
both a patient and a practitioner"

I came to Chinese medicine as someone with an intractable chronic health condition and hence have learned the medicine from the inside out as well as outside in. My experiences as a patient have enabled me to be sensitive and understanding to the difficulties and complexities of finding real health solutions.

I have learned first hand that it can be a bewildering process trying to navigate through the maze of abundant health information that is out there. So, for my patients I am fully committed to helping you find the key factor or factors that will actually lead to a tangible and concrete improvement in your health. If I believe that I don’t understand what’s going on or that the key factor is not something I can help with, I will tell you.

Rock Maze

"I believe there is a strong benefit to having a wide range of skills"


It has always been my ambition to get qualifications and develop a high level of skill in all 5 aspects of Chinese Medicine:


Acupuncture, TuiNa Massage, Herbal Medicine, Dietary Therapy and Qi Gong.

Not only does this give me a huge range of options in how to treat but it also helps me to see and understand your health on multiple levels. Moreover, each skill helps me to better understand and apply the other four.

"I am interested in both Western and Eastern medicine, mind and body, the material and the spiritual

I am a big fan of competently practised Western Medicine. The advances that have been made in modern medicine are astounding. However, when you really understand what Chinese Medicine is, you realise that it occupies an area which represents a colossal blindspot in modern biomedicine.

In addition to my Chinese Medicine knowledge I have a great interest in the deeper psychological and spiritual levels of healing and unfoldment. As I deepen into my own path, I incorporate more of these into my clinical practice. 
I think that there is important pioneering work to be done to understand how all the levels of health and healing fit together


"Tai Chi and Qi Gong have helped me beyond words. They can help you too"


I took my first Tai Chi class while I was at university in the late 90s. I loved the philosophy behind it and it all made sense. However, for reasons that later became apparent, I didn’t seem to be able to connect to its deeper level and make sustained progress. I didn’t really feel anything much while practising it.


Years later, my own chronic health condition worsened and I got to a strange point where practising Qi Gong actually made my health worse. This seemed so counter-intuitive to me and did not seem to make much sense.

Fast forward to today and through all my study and work and through healing work with incredible masters of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong I managed to solve these issues and finally was able to train properly in Tai Chi and achieve my teacher’s qualification in the Infinite school in 2018.


Again, I have seen Tai Chi from the inside out. I now have a thorough knowledge as to why some people have an almost instant connection to it and others struggle. It is part of my inspiration to help you as the student to get the most out of your Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice and support it with methods from Chinese Medicine and also deeper psychological and spiritual healing.

"I have a great interest in Chinese Medicine Self-Help (Yang Sheng)"

From my experiences as a patient, living in Taiwan and China and from working with great masters of Chinese ‘Yang Sheng’, I have developed a great love of Chinese Medicine Self-Help.
Being a patient, one can often feel extremely powerless and dependent on your chosen medical professional. One of the greatest aspects of Chinese medicine is that by understanding the principles of your condition YOU can take the power back and learn simple powerful techniques to support your health in real tangible ways.
For this reason, in 2012, I formed The London Chinese Medicine Meetup Group and have been running events on a near monthly basis ever since. The purpose of this group is to enable you to learn the skills to take care of yourself and become the expert in your own right! It is also a great way to meet like-minded people and to also connect to the fascinating, thrilling and exciting world of Chinese medicine and Chinese Kung Fu culture.
All events are now posted both on and on this website. You can book events on either site. 

"Chinese medicine is my lifelong passion and I constantly strive to be better and gain greater mastery over every aspect."

I have trained in multiple approaches with many great teachers from East and West.
I read, write and speak Chinese which enables me to have access to the insights and experiences of over 2000 years of Chinese doctors who have practised this great medicine.
I have a love of Chinese medicine scholarship and have a published paper on the historical evolution of perceptions towards the disease category ‘Shan’ in the Journal of Chinese Medicine.
I continue to study, improve and deepen into this great art which I know and believe has the power to transform lives.
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