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Treating the ‘Exterior’ with food using Chinese Herbal Principles

Alex Jacobs

Mar 21, 2023

BAcC Members Only

As acupuncturists we have all read the treatment principle ‘Releases the Exterior’ in our textbooks, but what does it really mean? In herbal medicine theory and practice, ‘releasing the exterior’ is one of the most important concepts to understand, especially when treating colds and fevers, headaches, pain and skin conditions. This talk will give you a much deeper understanding of what the exterior is, what exactly ‘releasing’ means and how to release it using everyday foods and herbs. The talk will also help you to diagnose a trapped exterior with more nuance and treat it with other techniques including using acupuncture knowledge you already have.

Alex Jacobs is an acupuncturist, herbalist, tuina massage practitioner and teacher of Chinese dietary therapy, Yang Sheng and Qi Gong. He is the current president of the RCHM and a BAcC member. You may well have seen him on one of the many Covid safety webinars! Alex has had a lifelong passion for all aspects of Chinese medicine starting with studying Mandarin in Taiwan in the early 2000s inspiring him to want to study all therapies of the medicine.

Webinar access info can be found in the member section of the BAcC website:

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