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Time Space and the Dao: The Inner Core of Acupuncture with Roisin Golding

Roisin Golding

Feb 8, 2023

For Acupuncture Practitioners and Students Only
Online and In Person
Pax Lodge, Hampstead, London

Time & Location

Feb 08, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Pax Lodge, 12C Lyndhurst Rd, London NW3 5PQ, UK

Introductory talk on Huang Lao Acupuncture

FREE TALK - In person or join the livestream

Get Roisin's book 'The Complete Stems and Branches: Time and Space in Classical Acupuncture' signed and at a discount if you attend in person

Cosmological Daoism, also known as Huang-Lao Daoism, was the most influential philosophy in China formuch of the Qin-Han dynasty. Cosmology, an age-old science, is the study of the origins of the universethrough studying the heavens and it requires an understanding of astronomy, not astrology! It links withacupuncture practice because Huang Di, who we all know as the Earth Emperor, was believed to haveruled time and space on Earth from the Heavens, as explained by the venerable historian, Sima Qian (145– 87 BC). He described the northern star formation, the Plough, as the chariot on which Huang Di rode inorder to control:- the four cardinal points; to divide yin and yang; to regulate the four seasons; to maintainequilibrium between the five elements; and to take charge of the 24 solar periods and the calendar!Indeed Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor, could be called the original Time Lord.Our acupuncture ‘bible’, the Huangdi Neijing, is recognised as a foremost Huang-Lao text. In order to fullyunderstand the Nei Jing and of course core acupuncture concepts, and in order to remove acupuncture’sseeming complexities and contradictions, one needs to understand its Huang-Lao origins.For those who would like to join us, or for those who are curious, understanding Huang-Lao acupuncturetheory brings many benefits and can be used to enhance whichever style of acupuncture that you preferto practice.Would you like to know how to:-Tonify and sedate with the ebb and flow of Yin and Yang throughout the year and on a daily basis?What about tonifying and sedating in accordance with the waxing and waning moon? (Really useful toregulate menstrual cycles, to improve fertility, as well as dealing with ebb and flow of general strength.)And needle in tune with the depth of qi flow throughout the year?How to effectively use the five elements in tune with the seasons?These are basic and easy enhancements anyone can do with even a preliminary understanding of time andspace in relation to acupuncture.This free talk will provide an introductory look at: A unifying theory which fully integrates the concepts of heaven, earth and humanity, fiveelements, yin and yang, and the effect of the climates. How to look at the patient in the context of this present time, as well as their inherited energiesfrom the time of birth. How to refine your treatment so that each point has a particular resonance with the other pointsin the treatment. This makes the treatments more powerful. How to work at a deep core level to bring about profound changes in the patient's relationshipwith themselves.All those who sign up to this event will also get a link to the recording of the talk afterwards. If you can't make it on the day, select 'Online Ticket' below and you will be able to watch it later. 

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