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The Life of a Herbalist: Journey Toward Excellence

Alex Jacobs, Conny Cooper, Helen Chuntso, Charlie Buck

Mar 29, 2023

BAcC Members Only

Have you ever considered studying Chinese Herbal Medicine? This talk will contain all you need to know about every aspect of the journey to becoming a herbalist and having a successful enjoyable career. Hear from four passionate Chinese herbalists about their own path and benefit from their experience with invaluable advice so that you can make the best choices for your future.

Conny Cooper, CEO of the RCHM, will begin by explaining the various options available to you in how to study Chinese Herbal Medicine. From her work on the accreditation process of courses for the RCHM and her own personal experience of learning CHM to a high level, she has a unique perspective on education and training. You will learn about what to expect and what to demand from a course that will actually enable to you to practise once you have graduated.

Alex Jacobs, President of the RCHM, will talk about his journey and how it led to him becoming more and more involved with the organisation that provided a huge sense of community, real support for practitioners, safety and quality controls for practice and herbal supply and a framework which is validated by government bodies, helping assure a real future for the whole herbal medicine sector.


Helen Chuntso, Council member of the RCHM and recent CHM graduate, will tell her story and give you an idea of what it is like setting out in practice after graduation, the joy of the medicine and how to navigate its challenges. She will also share a case study to give you a real impression of the working of the medicine.

Finally, Charlie Buck, experienced practitioner, past Chair of the BAcC and past council member for the RCHM, will share his view of a lifetime of practice and how his practice of CHM has grown and evolved. He will give you a view on not just how to survive as a practitioner but how to thrive.


One thing that all the speakers agree on is that studying CHM was one of the best decisions of their lives. However, making the decision can be a big investment which is why this talk is essential so that you can have all the information you need to make the right choices for you.

Webinar access info can be found in the member section of the BAcC website at this link

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