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Start of Chinese Nutrition and Yang Sheng 1 Year Course

Alex Jacobs, Danny Blyth, Rebecca O'Reilly, Daverick Leggett

Apr 14, 2023

For Practitioners of Chinese Medicine Therapies
College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

Chinese nutrition and Yangsheng

Danny Blyth, Alex Jacobs, Daverick Leggett, Rebecca O'Reilly

The course is designed to give you a thorough grounding in Chinese nutrition and Yangsheng, enabling you to work with your patients’ dietary needs, habits and lifestyle to improve their health and vitality. The course will be delivered through a mixture of 20% face-to-face lectures, live zoom lectures (also recorded) and online learning. You will be expected to reflect on your own health – preparing food, considering the seasons and elements and exploring your own nutrition and wellbeing. There will be ongoing online class discussion as you try out recipes, share thoughts and explore the course content together.  

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