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Qi Gong and Herbs Workshop at 'Harmony at the Heart of

Alex Jacobs

Apr 16, 2023

All Welcome
In Person
Lampeter University, Wales

University of Wales - Trinity Saint David

Harmony at the Heart of Well Being - Conference

Lampeter Campus

This conference brings together academics, professional therapists and lay practitioners of Chinese well-being practices. It explores the pivotal role of Harmony in the Chinese model of well-being, and how this principle extends beyond the practices themselves to broader concerns of how we nurture our relationship to nature and society.

Conference themes include the following:

Chinese philosophy and medicine: the foundation of self-care practices

Modern development of self-care: the emergence of medical qigong in China

Taiji and qigong: the Western practitioner and the search for well-being; the role of mindfulness in meditative movement

Research: the role of science and technology in studies in the West and China

Pedagogy: how we learn to cultivate well-being; the role of the teacher; authenticity of practice; the evolution of lineages and traditions

Future perspectives: personal thriving, harmonious living, society and nature

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