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First Weekend of Roisin Golding's 6 weekend course 'Time and Space in Traditional Acupuncture'

Roisin Golding

Mar 25, 2023

For Acupuncture Practitioners and Students
In Person and Online
City College of Acupuncture, Old Street, London

Journey into a Daoist world where Heaven, Earth and Humankind are all of one original qi, where a vibration in any part affects the wholeUnderstand the nature of time in all its changing patterns and manifestations and restore it to its all-but-forgotten position at the heart of Chinese medicine. Learn the elements often missing from acupuncture courses that help to tie everything together, answer countless questions and enhance clinical outcomes.Why does it feel like some points work at certain times and not at others?How can the knowledge of time and cycles help me to select points, meridians and needle techniques to maximise the effect of treatment?What do the relative amounts of qi and blood in each meridian actually mean, how do they relate to the ebb and flow in each cycle and how can they be applied to maximise effect in the clinic?How do all the cycles and influences affect the menstrual cycle, ageing and fertility and how can understanding them aid my diagnosis and treatments with patients to enhance my clinical outcomes?

‘Life is ceaselessly built on rhythms’Tune your treatments to the interactions of the multiple cycles from nature and the interaction of the energies of heaven of earth. You will learn how to put all of this together to great effect in the clinic. Roisin will give you the benefit of her lifetime of clinical experience in applying these principles and help you navigate the complexity to find the clear, simple reality behind. You will learn from practical case studies and histories in how to apply the principles. These cycles include

:the day/night cycle

the annual cycles of the seasons and the 24 solar terms

the lunar cycle

the life cycle – birth, growth, reproduction, ageing

the ten heavenly stems and their relationship to the five elements

the twelve earthly branches and their relationship to the six divisionsthe interaction of guest and host division energies

the interaction of heaven and earth energies

the five great movements and the six qi

the sexagesimal sequence of the heavenly stems and earthly branches

This knowledge is compatible with any acupuncture style or approach. It is not a style or a system, rather foundational knowledge, grounded in the classics, which can lead you to better understand the energies at work in the here and now within your patient. It will help you enhance the way you already practice acupuncture.Huang-Lao Daoist acupuncture illuminates the cosmological framework of Heaven Earth and Humanity and brings into much greater clarity certain core Chinese medicine concepts e.g. the tai chi symbol; the five elements; the association between the organs and the elements; the four seas and their treatments; the eight extraordinary meridians; pulses in the three regions; creation; reproduction and fertility.You will gain a much deeper appreciation of many familiar Chinese medicine concepts and be able to put the knowledge you already have into a context where each gains a greater resonance and meaning.You will learn about the measurement of time and cycles and their application in the clinic but will go beyond simple ‘rules’ to explore time in a wider context and through this exploration come to a profound understanding of the basic principles of Chinese medicine.Take your acupuncture and Chinese medicine knowledge to the next level, gain clarity and precision in treatment, improve your patient results and place your existing Chinese medicine knowledge within the context of the cycles of the universe and the Dao to step closer to truly perceiving the harmony of the spheres!Over the course of 6 weekends, you will learn how to use these cycles and deepen your knowledge into classical acupuncture. The final weekend will be fully practical full of case studies and assisting you to put it all into practice.ALL SESSIONS ARE IN PERSON, LIVE ONLINE AND RECORDED FOR VIEWING AFTERWARDS

Weekend 1 - Acupuncture, Time & the Five Elements - Yellow River Map; Effect of Solar and Lunar Cycles on Blood and Qi

Weekend 2 - Heaven, Earth, Human; the tai chi symbol, the four seas and treatments, eight extra meridians, fertility, pulses of the three regions, point selection.

Weekend 3 - Six Divisions: divisions in body space, time and in blood and qi; five element associations, climates, and disharmonies; host division sequence and symptoms; progression of fever; guest Heaven and guest Earth, Heaven/Earth balancing; left and right balancing; reproduction and fertility.

Weekend 4 - Ten Great Movements & Ten Heavenly Stems: Great movements and five elements, arrival times and changes; balanced and imbalanced energies; ten stem organs interaction with ten great movements; sheng and ke interactions; symptoms; stem treatments.

Weekend 5 - Twelve Earthly Branches & Putting it All Together: Timing of 12 branches; inner energy and organ element; branch sheng cycle; meridian body placement and calendrical considerations. Putting all the information together for diagnosis and treatment - stem organ, great movement, guest heaven and guest earth, side energies in relation to each element. Four pillars chart.

Weekend 6 - Special Combinations of Elements  & Case Study Day: Consolidation weekend with practical considerations, completing the energy calculator disc and going through your own case histories.Download Full Course Description Here

Find out more info and book at this link

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